an update of sorts.

I haven’t written something in ages. In fact, to me it feels like a lifetime since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and write something that’s not a paper for Intro to Worship Ministry, or a History assignment, or a literary analysis. My last post was dated in July, just a few weeks before i left for this endeavor they call college. Time flew, and now I’ve been here for nearly six weeks. Crazy, right?

I suppose I’ll start somewhere from the beginning of this experience. I moved in last month, and life took off from day one. I began my life here, filled with adventures after adventures my first few days in the Ville. I befriended a quirky little group that we lovingly dubbed “The Dream Team” and they have been my constant companions. We’re composed of an outspoken Chemistry major, a lovable chemical engineering major, a quiet but hilarious mechanical engineering major, a very talkative, blunt nursing major, and me and my roommate (worship majors). Our weeks are made up of “studying” nights which always turn into movie nights, and our weekends involve adventures taken in Josh’s car, lovingly named Sammy the Saturn. Having this Dream Team has made college and the stress of my workload a little more manageable. I truly don’t know what I would do without them by my side.

I’ve also been keeping myself busy within my major. I actually know many freshmen in my major due to various camps and college visits, and we seem to all get along nicely. It’s interesting seeing them in class, but never much outside of class. Everyone comes from different backgrounds and some are much more experienced than others. I’m somewhere in the middle experience wise, so it’s interesting to see both sides of the spectrum. Upon coming here, I’ve realized how much I have to learn. Back home I was the big fish in the pond. Here? I’m a minnow swimming amongst sharks. It’s eye opening to say the least.

Life is moving fast. Sometimes when I’m walking to class by myself, I think of how things were just a year ago. Back then, it felt like college would never come. I felt as though I was stuck in the world of high school forever. But now I’m here and I’m going to classes and studying and running on limited sleep like every other student. When walking past certain buildings, I can sometimes catch my reflection in the windows. It always astounds me as to how I’m old enough to be able to be out on my own in this great big world. That thought makes me feel a little bit tougher. I thought that I would be weak on my own, without my companions by my side. But I’ve made it this far by myself. I’ve achieved so much. Much more than I thought I ever could.

As for things back home… let’s just say that I’m not ready to face the reality that I left. I’m a runner. I run far and fast away from conflict or friendship difficulties or any problem really. I left a lot of loose ends back home, and I’m not ready to go back to them. College has been a new beginning of sorts; a breath of fresh air in my burdened life. Here, the past is non existent. The only ones who know even a little of my past are my roommate and my childhood friend who’s attending the same college. The past has stopped haunting me here for the most part.

And as for me… Well, I’m doing fantastic. I’m probably happier than I ever have been. I’m surrounded by incredible community and friends who really and truly care. I’m healthy, mentally and physically. And I’m pursuing a career that I’m passionate about. Life is wonderful.


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