Wes Anderson and Summer Blues

I adore Wes Anderson films. Moonrise Kingdom is definitely in my top five favourite films of all time. There is something absolutely captivating about his videography and directing. His characters are often magical and lovable in a strange sense, and again… the camera work is so incredible. I love the subtle symmetry he uses, along with the distinctly 60s vibe. 

I find myself wishing I live in a “Wes Anderson film”, which means I wished a little more adventurous, ethereal life. 

Call me a day dreamer or a dumb romanticist, but I catch myself wishing that a new, daring friend would come crashing into my life to take me on new adventures. Often when I’m in town at the coffee shop reading Kerouac novels, I watch who comes in, wondering if they will be a new, exciting addition to my life. That’s pretty dumb, isn’t it?
Well… maybe it isn’t. Maybe I shall enter a tight knit group of artsy fartsy people on campus. Maybe I will meet people who my heart adores, and we will embark on our own adventures. Maybe my days will consist of longboarding around campus with a cool, creative posse. One can only hope, I suppose.

And perhaps I will not have to wait until college… maybe I will have a very Wes Anderson-esque summer. I can already envision it, me and my two best friends chasing sunsets and laughing until our stomach hurts while roadtripping across our state. I certainly hope this summer is something to remember.


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