the finish line.

Today was my last day of high school, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. I worked hard and I learned a lot over the course of these last four years.

But now I begin to think about the new adventure I shall embark on starting in August – college.

And I am scared and excited and nervous all at once. My stomach turns in knots whenever I think about it. Will I succeed? Will I make friends? Who will I hang out with? Will I like the professors? Will I enjoy classes?

All of these unknowns swim around in this brain of mine and I can barely handle it. I have hopes and expectations, yet I am terrified that they all will crumble around my feet. In complete honesty, I am not world’s most sociable person. In fact, I probably would be considered painfully shy. I get nervous around people I don’t know and fear that they won’t like me. 

But the thing is… every one of my classmates next year will feel the same way. Many of us do not know each other or even know who we are. We will fumble around, trying to make sense of life and make sense of what we want to do/who we want to be. None of us will have it completely figured out, though all of us believe that every one else does. It will be a chaotic mess, but there will be beauty in the chaos. We will learn alongside of each other and discover things we did not know about ourselves. We will learn and learn and learn, though not just academically. We will learn who we want to be and where we want to go together.

So, as I have crossed this finish line of high school, I prepare for the starting line of college. And I think I’ll be ok.


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