One final day of high school and then I will be free. One last day to call myself a high school senior.

I am both terrified and excited all at once. In three short months I will be packing up my room and moving in to my college dorm with my future roomie. I will be saying my farewells and “i’ll see you soon”s. I will be shedding tears as I watch my best friend depart to a campus a state away. I will be looking back at everything I did do and everything I didn’t. Perhaps things will be like you see in movies, where the main character gets flashbacks as they watch their hometown grow smaller and smaller in their rearview mirror. 

I have learned more than I could ever write about these past four years of high school. I can’t sum it all up even if I tried. I’ve seen so much and experienced so more than I could ever tell you, dear reader. People have left and things have changed and life has moved on in ways I never thought it would. But others have come into my life, and I’ve learned that change happens for reasons I can’t comprehend. Life does move on, but always because of progress. 

I suppose I shall tell you the greatest lesson I have learned. I have learned that no matter what you do or where you go, life never stops. It never stops changing and spinning and going on and on and on. You cannot resist that change. Some people will go through many of life’s changes with you and others will no, but no matter what happens… you must press on. 


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