souvenirs // switchfoot // senior year

Here’s to the twilight. Here’s to the memories.

These are my souvenirs,

My mental pictures of everything.

Here’s to the late nights. Here’s to the firelight.

these are my souvenirs.

my souvenirs.

Senior year. It feels strange just saying that out loud, and even weirder to think that it’s almost over. It feels like freshman year was just yesterday. I struggle to even remember the occurrences of sophomore or junior year, for they seem to have rushed by too fast. The past few years kind of blur together for me. I often wonder if they even happened… it seemed like I simply blinked freshman year and was suddenly transported to senior year.

I’m a wildly nostalgic person, who stores up memories in her heart for a very long time. I can recount my freshman year trip to Florida to you in vivid detail. (Pros of having a photographic memory, I suppose.) Freshman year it felt like highschool was going to be for forever. In the moment, graduating and being done with high school classes seemed like an eternity away. But in retrospect, it all flew by. Now I and my closest friends are preparing for graduation ceremonies, grad parties, and then college. The common conversation amongst us includes things like, “do you have your roommate picked out yet?” and “when do you leave?” and “When do your classes start?”. We all talk about how excited we all are about the new seasons of life we all will be entering. I am very excited about the promise of new adventures and new experiences, but parting ways with the ones I’ve held dear here for years is disheartening.

Here’s to your bright eyes, shining like fireflies.

These are my souvenirs,

the memory of a lifetime.

We were wide-eyed with everything,

everything around us.

We were enlightened by everything,


I try not to think about the whole leaving thing as much. While it is sad and emotional, I know there are incredible things in store. The people that are in my life now have been placed there for specific reasons. Without them, I truly believe the season of high school would have been much more difficult. I’m so thankful and beyond blessed to have experience high-school with them by my side. Most people find that their high school friendships fade away as they get older, but I believe that this will not be the case for my friends. We’ve gone through thick and thin together, and it is our encouragement and support of one another that has kept our friendships from fading away. I truly hope we are all able to remain close even through college. Although we will all be making our own, new groups of friends at our respective colleges, it will be nice to be able to come home for breaks and pick up where we left off.

I close my eyes and go back in time.

I can see you smiling, you’re so alive.

I close my eyes and go back in time,

you were wide-eyed, you were wide-eyed.

We were so young, we had no fear.

We were so young, we had just begun

a song we knew, but we never sang.

It burned like fire inside our lungs.

And life was just happening.

So where do I end this incredibly weepy, nostalgic, memory saturated post? I do not know. All I can say is that I have a treasure of memories stored in my heart from trips to the beach, hiking in the mountains, laughter, simpler times, freshman foolishness, summer camps, and many other things. People speak of high school as a terrible time, filled with regret. I am glad to say that my high school experience was quite the opposite, thanks to loyal, loving class mates and friends. Leaving the only town I’ve ever known where the people I love most are is scary and intimidating, but I am ready. In fact, I think we all are ready to embark on this journey to college. I know times will get tough and overwhelming at college, but that’s nothing that a quick phone call to one of them won’t fix. And as we all leave at different times for different states, different universities, maybe even different countries, I know we will all be just fine.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything – my souvenirs.


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