mountains + muir

I’d rather be in the mountains thinking about God than in church thinking about the mountains.

– John Muir

This speaks to me in so many ways. Although I do enjoy my time in church with my church family, gathered together and worshipping the Lord, I find that I feel more connected to God when I am in nature – preferably, the mountains.

Going to the mountains was an eyeopening experience. When I stood at what seemed like the top of the mountain (in reality, it was barely half way up to the mountains…) I was able to see miles and miles ahead. My view was filled with other mountains, greenery, and the blue sky. Dots of white speckled across the sky, and the occasional bird would come into view. I suddenly felt very small, standing there with my thoughts. As far as eye could see, it looked like a painting – a master piece by the Master Artist. How comforting was it to know that He took so much care in sculpting the towering mountains, and took just as much care into crafting me, a tiny speck in comparison! 

Nature is a wonderful display of God’s greatness and His infinite creativity. It has always been a comfort that I serve such a creative God, as I am quite artistically minded. 

So do not reprimand me for skipping church once in a while for a walk in the woods, for I will find God there amongst the branches and the flowers and the woodland creatures.


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