an uncontrollable mind.

I am very much a night person. My brain is most active when it is dark and the hours are growing later. Often I find myself milling about my house while the rest of my family sleeps, recording songs or painting or reading books – whatever settles my busy mind really. 

So often I’ve thought about how I could leave for a good six hours without anyone realizing it. I’ve often thought about sneaking out, but not to do anything crazy or ridiculous. Rather, I would just sneak out to walk around and have some open space to myself. I’ve considered doing this many a time, but fear always wins. (and probably intuition. My neighborhood isn’t bad at all, but the people who walk down my street are a bit sketchy at best.) 

Anyhow. I’m not really sure what my mind is up to right now. I have a billion thoughts swarming around my head. Today was a day of sinking, sinking back into muddled feelings and miserable thoughts. But tomorrow will be better, I am sure of it.


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