If I had to pick my favourite Mumford and Sons lyrics, it would have to be this line:

And I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I am under.

This line has been the motto of my senior year. Seriously, if I could I would get it branded on a t-shirt and wear it everywhere. At the middle school youth group I help lead tonight, we were studying Matthew 6:34, the verse that says “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow…”  I was suddenly reminded of these lyrics and I began to reevaluate what they mean to me.

When I first heard. “Hopeless Wanderer” by M&S, I applied it to the fact that I am very much a traveler. I have a hard time staying in one place with the same people for too long. It’s not that I get bored of them or of the place, but rather my soul starts getting feverish – wondering what else there is out there for me. You could call it a “severe case of wanderlust”. I held onto those lyrics as a reminder to always appreciate where I am physically, whether I’m stuck in this cornfield-ridden town of mine or in the mountains or in the bustling city.

Back to now. When I dissected the verse we read tonight with my middle school girls, I started to think about the lyrics again and what they mean now.

Now, I think they remind me to love my life, no matter where I am. It’s been a journey these past few years, and many circumstances I’d rather forget or skip past. In fact, I often find myself wishing away the precious months I still have here, in excitement for the future. I’m very much a planner. I like to know what’s next and I most often get distracted by what’s ahead. That’s a silly way to live. Now don’t get me wrong, planning is not bad at all. But when you start to miss out on the beauty of the present, you start to miss out on important things. I constantly have to remind myself that the future will come and I need not worry it, for God has it all figured out. My job is the enjoy the present and the time I’ve been given in this town, with these people, in these circumstances, and in this season.

Today was a perfect reminder of that. I spontaneously got a group of some dear friends together and we just laughed and threw the frisbee before playing on a playground. For a few hours, no one talked about college or leaving or “the good old days” or how sad it is going to be next year. We just laughed, joked, and told stories. For a second, I even forgot about the future. It sounds weird, but I was so in the moment, laughing at my best friend being reckless and goofy as usual. Joking with others. Smiling. Feeling joyful.

I continue to learn to love the skies I am under. And when I leave my season here in this town with these friends, I will learn to love those skies as well.



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