coffeeshops and cute boys

Today I ventured to my third favourite coffee shop in my town to meet up with a friend. It’s been a rather rainy day, so my hair was all sorts of frizzy and my outfit was thrown together minutes before I left. I ordered a cup of earl grey tea with vanilla, as recommended by a friend who works there. I then walked to the table where the cup cozies and sweeteners are and began to prepare my tea just like I like it. There was a rather dashing hipster fellow next to me doing the same, with a straw fedora atop his head and  a guitar sitting next to him. I casually admired him. (I’m so awkward that even this sounds awkward…)

To my surprise he struck up a conversation, “How are you today?” I was stunned that he’d start a conversation. I smiled with a spirited, “I’m quite well today. lovely actually! And yourself?” He smiled back with a, “Very good. Thanks for asking!” We then had a quick conversation about tea and what not and parted ways. It’s little interactions like this that make life a little brighter, even on a dreadfully dreary day such as that.

And cute musicians make my world go around. Seriously my past few weeks have composed of cute musicians and hanging out with really really cute musicians in particular and I should probably stop now before I say something extremely embarrassing. 

I think I shall start “mediocre mondays”. 


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