epiphanies to a severely sleep deprived mind

Last night I pulled an allnighter with hundreds of middle schoolers. I won’t go into detail, but I am a leader for a middle school youth group. So, we took 30 some of our crazy kids to a local University and joined a bunch of crazy youth groups and stayed up all night. Call me insane, but I had an incredible time.

Anyway, I was accompanied by my two best friends in the whole world. And we basically transformed into middle schoolers for a few hours. I’ve known these two since we were in junior high ourselves, and it felt strange to think that this is one of the last things we will do together as seniors. The two of them are going to do amazing things after graduating, I know it. They’re both on track to go to great colleges and do great things. It’s exciting to think about our futures. I’ve always been so proud of them, like a little sister who’s always looking up to them. I’ve seen them grow through hard times and good times and every time in between, and they’ve remained strong. I get teary eyed just typing this, as I think about how much I owe to them. (but then again that might be the lack of sleep.)

But the thing is, they are proud of me too. They’ve seen me triumph and fail and get back up again. They have always had my back in everything, never once have they left. After knowing them for so long, it’s easy to see what every facial expression they make means. And yesterday (or early this morning. however you want to look at it…) as we were leading our band of middle schoolers, we looked at eachother with pride. I don’t know why really. It just kind of happened that way. And not the egotistical kind of pride, rather the pride that people who have something to be proud of have. 


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