Draw A Map, Find A Path, Take A Breath, and…


Easily one of my favourite songs to listen to when I’m down and out.

“Kinda wish I had the courage, a bit of bravery. So tired of waiting for a man to come and save me. Wishing I had everything, or something really. It’s hard to admit it but now I’m thinking freely.”

Learning to rely on yourself, your own strength, and your own courage rather than another human’s is a hard and painful experience. But it is so rewarding. I feel as though I’m a much more confident person since I’ve realized that I do not need another person to make me feel brave. I am brave because I am me. I am courageous because I’ve endured the trials and the pains of life. When the going gets tough, people often leave in fear. But you know what? I will always have myself. You will always have yourself, no matter who walks away and who doesn’t stay.

“I’m going to open my mind to all these new found, exciting possibilities.”


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