All of my life I’ve wanted to be that person that changes the world with simply her words. I spent countless hours dreaming and fantasizing about how I would do so. Maybe I’d write a book? Maybe I’d become a public speaker? Maybe my lyrics would touch hearts? I thought about how I might change strangers’ lives and impact the world for the better. But I never thought about how I could change those around me.

Until I found myself catching up with an old friend. The conversation was nostalgic and full of “remember when”s. We laughed about the good times and marveled over how much things have changed. Then said friend muttered something about how hard it is to escape our pasts, and how much they effect our presents and futures. I agreed with the words, “i guess it’s our demons that make us who we are.”

My friend paused, smiled, and asked if they could use that. I thought they were joking, of course, and agreed.

Months later, my words became their first tattoo. At first, I was a little shocked. And then flattered. And then embarrassed. And then shocked again. I mean… I said something that touched someone so much to get it permanently branded on their skin. My words have been immortalized on the arm of a friend who might not even be in my life twenty years from now. (though I hope so!)

How crazy is that? All my life, I’ve been searching for ways to inspire others with my words…only to have a friend find comfort and understanding in a simple sentence I blurted out. It felt odd. I’ve collected quotes and words from poets, authors, world changers and musicians in various journals or notebooks. I meticulously jot down the words of other inspiring writers in my journals, keeping them stored away for when I need them. Those words have changed me and changed how I view the world over the years, and I’ve always felt indebted to people I never even knew and never will. I’m indebted to them because of their words.

And now I’m that writer to someone else. Though it feels odd, it also feels empowering – as if I could very well take on the world with words. To quote my favourite movie ever;

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” (dead poets society)

Words have more impact than we know. Are your words impacting others in a positive way?


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