I want you to know how often I think

about the words I missed and words I
wish I could take back,
The little things I could have done
and the other things I shouldn’t have.
The time you said hello and I looked away
or the time I screamed in your face that
it didn’t matter to me.
But the ironic thing is, it meant
the world
to me.
I often think of what could have been 
in comparison to what is and I smile a
little bit because it wasn’t meant to be,
truly… it wasn’t. But those few years I believed
that it was destiny. I was naive. You were
I want you to know that you’re my rock.
That sanity to my mad ways. The one
who keeps me flying but also keeps me 
grounded. You’re the balancing factor in 
this strange, unbalanced life of mine.
I need you to know that i’ll never scream
at you or stop talking to you again.
We’re past that childish nonsense.
We are bonded for life. 
And maybe one day I’ll be a bridesmaid
in your wedding or maybe you’ll be
my first born’s godfather.
You’re forever my partner in crime. 

I am a firm believer in soulmates. But they are not always the romantic ones we so often think about. No, sometimes they are the best friends who understand every word you say and every word you don’t say. 


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