And I know you felt lonely;
Yeah I know people try to get you down
And all around those laughing faces,
Single you out in the crowd
Oh single you out in the crowd


Sometimes it’s easy to feel alone in life. It’s easy to feel like the world is out to get us – that nothing will ever be right again.

I tried so hard, to help you understand;
To put some hope into your hands
And all the time, you cried and said to me
“Why can’t everything be right?”
Each time I have to put up a fight
And the world keeps on winning,
Oh yeah the world keeps on winning


In a world full of chaos, confusion, and cruelty it’s easy to lose hope. We get so wrapped up in the bad that we forget that we can be the good that helps to change the world. I have a friend who told me that if it weren’t for me deciding to take a chance and introducing myself to them on a whim one day many years ago, they probably wouldn’t be here now. Just one simple act of kindness sparked a friendship that saved someone. Just one smile and one, “Hi! I’m Erin, what’s your name?”.

Never thought that you, that you wouldn’t be here;
Never thought that I would see these tears fall
And all these lonely times I’m feeling without you,
Knowing I don’t have you through it all,
Knowing I don’t have you through it all


Just how different would our world be if everyone took a moment to be kind and smile a little more? What if we all began to think of others before we think of ourselves? What if we put aside our petty indifferences and selfish motives? How many lives would we change? How many lives could we change?

Are you daring enough to be the change that others so desperately need?



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